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WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration with Salesforce.com

"Configuration, not coding" approach in Integration is getting really popular these days. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration for Salesforce.com is an example of this type of Integration. It is not only fast, but a very simple and powerful solution specifically for integrating salesforce.com with other applications.

Below are the series of posts which will help you to understand more about WebSphere Cast Iron. I will post few use cases where I will use WebSphere Cast Iron to Integrate Salesforce.com with other applications.

So let's not waste any more time and start our journey together. I will really appreciate if you provide your valuable suggestions.
  1. Quick Introduction of WebSphere Cast Iron
  2. Use Case 1 - WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration - HTTP Receive and Send
  3. Use Case 2 - WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration - Fetch CSV File from FTP Server and Insert Data into Salesforce.com
  4. Use Case 3 - WebSphere Cast Iron Integration - MySQL and Salesforce.com

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